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Hi, I’m Debbie Young the founder/owner of One Heart Wellness. I am a licensed acupuncturist in Florida and New Hampshire. I specialize in combining the principles of acupuncture, with the Crystal/Infrared energy of the BioMat, Vibrational Sound Healing of Tuning Forks, and the energy patterns of Sacred Geometry into a powerful healing experience.

I offer a variety of classes, treatments, and consultation services based on my thirty-four years in the medical field. Click on the title or image below to learn more about my journey.


"I am a longstanding advocate of acupuncture and have enjoyed its benefits. Debbie Young has been my favorite Acupuncture Physician so far. She is concerned with treating the whole patient and her treatments are wonderfully relaxing and effective. I have always tried to do the right thing by my body and "soul." Acupuncture and energy work serve as a reminder that I am not just flesh and bones, but a far more complex organism."

One Heart Wellness in now offering Acupuncture and Eastern medicine treatments in Wolfeboro, NH as well as phone and remote video consultations.

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